Dog Schidt Lenses Beg You to Say Their Name Out Loud and ROFL


Say it, come on–no really say it! Dog Shit Schidt seems to be a brand new company selling optics on Etsy. Here’s the weird thing about them though: Their lenses are based on a Zeiss design from the 1960’s. In fact, they’re specifically citing the 58mm f/2.0–a lens that I actually own.

Now after reading all of that, here’s the part that makes sense: the bokeh is designed to look like that of an anamorphic lens–which means that they’re targeting these lenses at the videography audience. With that in mind, consider the fact that the old Zeiss 58mm f2 has a stepless aperture ring and overall some of the most buttery smooth focusing and aperture dials to date.

You’ll be able to purchase them for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus etc. according to their website. They have more info on this PDF. But hit the jump for some sample footage.

Via 43Rumors

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