Girls! Girls! Girls!: A Take on the Objectification of Women in Photography

I was unsurprisingly and unfortunately accurate in my assumptions and assessment about the who, what, and how regarding this auction and its unpleasantly alienating advertisement.

We all know the endless battle of trying to maintain a clean and tidy inbox–the constant digital influx of opportunities, notifications, spam, work, and various other textually-based content that we are barely able to keep up with. I don’t know about you, but one of the ways I stem the flow is by keeping a firm grip on unsubscribing from irrelevant subscriptions. Needless to say, I found myself doing a double take–wondering what kind of sexist, objectifying garbage spam email listing I’d accidentally been added to when I scrolled through an email in my inbox containing what you’ll see in the lead image.

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A Common Mistake New Photographers Make: A Lack of Focus

In this blog article I will share a very useful tip which Brendan Van Son explained to me when I was on the second day of his photography workshop in Hucachina, Peru.  He saw what I was doing when trying to photograph the above scene and saw that I was making the same mistake that lots of photographers make when photographing landscapes and showed me where I was going wrong.  His advice helped me out a lot and enabled me to get a much better photograph.

Hucachina itself was so much fun.  It was really nice walking around the Oasis and taking in the Sun even though it was actually winter in Peru.  The fun really started though when we got some dune buggies and raced up and down the sand dunes!  It was a bumpy ride but incredible fun.  You can see all the fun that we had and hear me talk about my photos in the below video.

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