The Powerful Story Behind this Photo by Newsha Tavakolian

“In Iran, women are not allowed to sing solo, following the 1979 revolution,” says Magnum Photographer Newsha Tavakolian to The Phoblographer in an interview. “However, singing is part of our culture…I dislike this so much that I refuse to go to any concert in Iran where men sing.” This photo is part of a much larger series called Listen. Newsha tells us that she went as far as creating actual CD album jewel-cases as gifts. But there was a catch: the cases were empty. This is part of the statement she’s trying to make.

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Eleanor Macnair’s Renderings of Famous Magnum Photos in Play-Doh

All images used with permission from Eleanor Macnair.

Many readers are fans of the work produced by the photographers over at Magnum Photos, and these very cool photos from the agency rendered in Play Doh are also surely worth your time. Years ago, artist Eleanor Macnair got started with producing images rendered in Play-Doh. That gave way to a Tumblr she started called Photographs Renders in Play Doh which received a fair amount of fame. A book was published in October 2014 and the work was exhibited in a number of places.

Just in time for the Magnum Photos 70th anniversary, Eleanor has collaborated with Magnum Photos to create a series highlighting some of the photos shot by their photographers but rendered in Play Doh.

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