How Changes to Facebook’s News Feed Will Affect Your Photography Business

Is Facebook no longer a valuable tool for marketing your photography business?

Whether you’re just getting started or someone far along, you’re most likely using Facebook as one of your online tools for promoting your photography business. With Facebook’s recent announcement regarding changes on the News Feed, there’s been a lot of buzz about the repercussions these changes will bring to brands and businesses. If you’re wondering if and how this will affect you as a photographer, you might want to see what Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studio has to say about it.

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The Staff Speaks: How Marissa Mayer Can Save Flickr

The Phoblographer has a Flickr group, but to be quite honest, we don’t do much with it. Though most of us were at least at one time very avid Flickr users, we’ve all gone our separate ways. Me personally, I run a Flickr group as part of my day job. So with the recent news of Marisa Mayer becoming the new CEO of Flickr coupled with the single serving sites created around the whole shebang, we chatted amongst ourselves about how Flickr can be saved and changed.

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