Jason De Freitas Transforms New Zealand Into An Infrared Wonderland

“I wanted to have the experience of shooting Aerochrome at least once while I still had the chance,” the photographer Jason De Freitas tells me. He bought his first rolls in 2018, saving them until he found a landscape worthy of the now-famous discontinued infrared-sensitive film and its signature magentas and hot pinks. In the end, he packed his bags and traveled to New Zealand’s South Island, known for its towering peaks, lush rainforests, and secret waterfalls. 

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Javi Lorbada Showcases the Stunning Colors of Mt. Ruapehu

All photos by Javi Lorbada. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The mountains often provide a spiritual experience, not only for travelers seeking adventure but also for creatives seeking inspiration. Anyone who has photographed the world’s most breathtaking peaks can attest, as our previous features on the Dolomites, for example, show. The latest to join our favorite photos of dramatic peaks were taken by Madrid-based adventure and travel photographer Javi Lorbada.

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Explore New Zealand Through Landscape Photographer’s New Video, “The Waters of Greenstone”

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.44.28 AM

Nathan Kaso of Melbourne has been an avid landscape photographer for a few years now, traveling around and exploring Australia and New Zealand to photograph their vast and proud landscapes. Often, he would capture them in a natural (never overproduced) glorious way, sometimes surrounded in early morning fog, sometimes basking in the golden rays of the sun, enticing those who look at his photos to come and discover those lands for themselves.

As amazing as his images are, however, Nathan hasn’t always been a photographer. He planted his roots in the art of capturing light working in video production in Melbourne. Taking advantage of this background, he has been making remarkable timelapse videos using his trusty Canon EOS 5D Mark II for about a year now. His short tilt-shift video, Miniature Melbourne, even won the APA Short Video Contest award for Best Timelapse in 2013.

Most recently, he released a new video entitled “The Waters of Greenstone”. He shot the video for over three weeks on the South Island of New Zealand, again with the help of his Canon EOS 5D Mark II.  Complete with video segments, timelapse sequences, and aerial footages, the video leisurely strides though some of New Zealand’s most majestic landscapes and their ever-changing, transitory elements.

From Arthur’s Pass in the center to the Catlins in the South, “The Waters of Greenstone” explores the majesty and lushness of this subcontinent down under. See the video after the jump.

Via Sploid

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These 100 Year Old Images Were Found in Antarctica


Images courtesy of the New Zealand Arctic Heritage Trust.

Imaging Resource recently published an incredible story on a stash of 22 images that were frozen in a box recently being discovered in Antarctica. According to a press release from the New Zealand Arctic Heritage Trust, “The Trust’s conservation specialists discovered the clumped together cellulose nitrate negatives in a small box as part of the Ross Sea Heritage Restoration Project which has seen more than 10,000 objects conserved at Scott’s Cape Evans hut. The negatives were removed from Antarctica by the Trust earlier this year. Detailed conservation treatment back in New Zealand separating the negatives has revealed twenty-two images. The photographs are from Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-1917 Ross Sea Party, which spent time living in Scott’s hut after being stranded on Ross Island when their ship blew out to sea.”

The images were shot by Arnold Patrick Spencer-Smith–who was the party’s photographer. Upon looking at their website, one might think that the images might have been glass slides, but instead they’re actually large pieces of cellulose nitrate.

We encourage you to check out the full story over at Imaging Resource.