Promises Every Photographer Should Make to Themselves for 2022

Some folks believe that a new year is a great time to start something brand new. You know, some sort of commitment to yourself. But, the truth is that unless you stay committed to your goals, you’re not going to get them done. And with this new year, every photographer should find ways to create organic growth for themselves. So we’re rounding up four ways photographers can do this. Make the promise to yourself!

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These Vintage New Year’s Celebration Photos Probably Trump Yours

New York, New York. Blowing horns on Bleeker Street on New Year's Day

New York, New York. Blowing horns on Bleeker Street on New Year’s Day

All photos from the Library of Congress.

Depending on where and when you’re reading this, it’s already time for you to ring in the traditional calendar New Year. Your social media feed will probably be inundated with New Year’s Eve celebration selfies and other photos, but we’re inviting you to take a step back into the past and to take a look at how folks in the days of old got down when it came to celebrating. We took a look through the archive of the Library of Congress to share these images.

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Photoshelter Rounds Up The Year In Review With 57 Reasons to Love Photography in 2012


At the end of every year it seems fitting to look back and see what has changed and take account of what has been accomplished in our midst. Photography culture is no different. Allen Murabayashi, the Chairman and Co-Founder of Photoshelter took this time to put together a brilliantly introspective look at the whole of photography in the year and highlight some really great points. Here are two of the highlights that stood out from the roundup, which you should surely go take a look at.

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