Canon Has a New Ring Flash For Macro Shooters


It’s rare that something really cool comes out for us strobists, but today Canon has a brand new ring flash that they’re pitching specifically to the macro crowd. They’re calling it the new Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II. In our meeting with the company, they stated that you wouldn’t want to use this one for fashion work and instead it’s specifically dedicated for getting up close and personal to…stuff.

Though we don’t have many details, we were told that it can act as a master flash to the 600-EX RT but we’re not quite sure if there is radio control in there or if its via infrared. The flash surface area is smaller than Canon’s previous ring flash, so we’ve got some curiosities about just how harsh the lighting is. However, Canon assures us that by using it in conjunction with the TTL system, you won’t have an issue.

We don’t have very many details about the flash at the moment, but once we do, we’ll update the piece.