The New Flickr is Having Some Performance Issues

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 10.23.52 AM

It doesn’t seem like Flickr can get a break right now after the events of this week. On Monday, Flickr changed its look and triggered mixed reactions in many users. Then Marissa Mayer stated that there is no such thing as a professional photographer, and took it back with barely an apology. Plus, the former Pro users felt screwed over because they lost their unlimited storage only to later learn that they’ve been grandfathered in for it.

But according to one of the company’s latest tweets, their users are experiencing UI and performance issues. Many of them are typically filled with internet snark such as, “I bet those nice old white pages would load smoothly.” Overall, they’re also tweeting a lot less than they did in the past.

Are any of you experiencing errors? We’d love to know more about what’s going on.

BREAKING NEWS: Flickr Just Gave Everyone One Free Terabyte of Space! Looks Different Now Too!


Update: Here is the new upgrade page

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! After everyone has been complaining about Flickr for a super long time, the company just gave everyone a free terabyte of space! But not only that, it has a beautiful new look to your stream and your photos in general. It is also super easy now to star an image, comment, or share just by clicking on little icons on the images. Certain things look the same though: such as the camera finder. The upload section is now mostly black, and the overall look and feel seems to be targeting a much more high end user. Your group lists still look the same as well and it seems like those will also need to be worked on. Even further, recent activity also looks the same, but it is nice that we’re starting to see a bit of a change now.

Oh, and we just got a free terabyte of space. Can I say that enough? Maybe Tumblr gave it a makeover? 😉