Canon 5D Mk II and Mk III RAW DNG Video Files Have Nearly As Much Range as Black Magic and RED Epic

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer IndiPro Tool EVF product images (1 of 12)ISO 16001-70 sec at f - 4.0

We’re still following the story and it is continuing to develop. Earlier on we reported on Magic Lantern finding RAW DNG video output via Live View with the Canon 5D Mk II and Mk III. The only thing is that they can record maybe around 10-12 frames for only a very short time. But according to Planet 5D, Neumann films has been experimenting with the files in editing software and clearly shows off just how much better they are. Originally, Canon users always needed to shoot a totally flat video with the Technicolor profile and then edit from there. But there wasn’t much dynamic range or room for error so they always needed to get everything totally right in the camera. With the new DNG files though, the Neumann is saying that the dynamic range is almost like that of the RED Epic and Black Magic Cinema Camera.

This is super exciting news, and if Magic Lantern can figure out a way to make this a better option for filmmakers then it will probably rock the industry a bit more by giving more life to older cameras. We’re personally wondering how it is against a Nikon D800E still though. Check out Neumann’s findings after the jump.

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