Pentax’s New Evangelion Q10 Cameras Look Like You’re Playing Pokemon While Eating Shrooms



Oh man! Which one should I pick? Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander? That’s what Pentax’s new Evangelion Q10 cameras remind me of. Sadly, I haven’t quite hit the mark. The new cameras, which retain the same specs as their Q10, simply sport a new coat. And they aren’t based off of Pokemon at all. Instead, they’re all about the Neon Generation Evangelion anime show. Interested in one of these pieces? You’ll have to act fast, there will only be 1,500 of them made–and they’ll go for around $660 a piece. Sadly, you’ll need to go to Japan to snag one of these puppies: which is perfect for the anime aficionado.

Seriously though Pentax, where is my Sailor Moon edition? I’d kill for a Tuxedo Mask camera.

Via Mirrorless Rumors via Engadget via Pentax Japan

Editor’s Note: Think Pentax has enough customization? Check out their wall of Q10 cameras.