Neo Noir is a Beautiful, Dark Ode to Noir Culture

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All images by Marius Vieth. Used with permission

Photographer Marius Vieth is a 26 year old German fine art photographer with a focus on street photography. He travels around the world and is a multi-award winning photographer who on the site is writing a book about street photography, finding your creative soul and how to live as an artist.

“My art revolves around the human element in an urban world. In the heart of the city hustle from New York to Seoul I give unique everyday characters the stage they deserve. Sometimes in poetic infatuation or deep admiration, sometimes in mystic surrealism.” Marius tells the Phoblographer. “Whether in vivid colors or distinct black and white, all art works unites a clear, distinctive style: gentle, bold and intense.”

So when we stumbled upon his Neo Noir photo series, we were very amazed. Inspired by the Film Noir world and the many movies that he’s seen, Marius talked to us about Neo Noir.

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