Pritham D’Souza Illustrates Hope With a New Lockdown Series

Quarantine Tribe, Pritham D'Souza

“The lockdown made me realise how we take everything for granted,” reflects Indian professional photographer Pritham D’Souza about the recent couple of years we’ve been through. Not having used a camera for three months during this period, he decided to shake up his routine. Quarantine Tribe was born out of a desire to provide hope in times of distress and disarray. Pritham tells us how he collaborated to create these images, and why hope is always just around the corner.

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Masks Are Still Important Shows Sandeep MV’s New Series

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” says commercial photographer Sandeep MV about whether masks are still something we need to wear in public. And rightly so given the rise in cases worldwide, especially in the USA and India. The manner in which the pandemic in India personally affected Sandeep MV got him thinking about creating a Covid-19 related photoshoot. Highlighting their importance but keeping it eye-catching, he produced a slightly off-beat yet relevant set of images.

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Tamara Hijazi Finds Photographs to Be Time Capsules of Memories

“Photograph me as I am, or don’t look at me at all,” says Arab American photographer Tamara Hijazi, defining how she captures and likes to be captured in photos. At a very young age, migration to the Middle East kickstarted her love for photography. She tells us why photos help preserve fond moments we look back on later and how the pandemic rekindled her connection with cameras.

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Niko’s Photographs Will Make You Smile and Let Loose

“It was not easy,” states French designer and photographer Niko when asked how bad the lockdown was. He adds, “…people were not very motivated.” As with many of us, he took to doing creative projects with his camera to cope with the limitations imposed by the pandemic. And he’s come out with a visual parody to show just how much we depend on masks in our daily lives.

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A New Project by Brian Cummings Showcases the Lockdown Showoff

“I am finding it hard to return to the old normal. I feel change is inevitable,” says North Carolina native Brian Cummings about life during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Something we were all unprepared for and what hit us far harder than we expected. But when life gave him lemons, Brian made a pink lemonade cocktail in the form of a visually larger-than-life photo project titled ‘I Know What You Didn’t Do Last Summer’.

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Stijn Hoekstra Explores the Empty Streets of Amsterdam Under Curfew

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“All of these pictures were taken in one night, as a snowstorm covered the Netherlands,” Stijn Hoekstra tells me. It was the winter of 2021, and amid the COVID-19 crisis, the country had imposed a mandatory curfew from 9:00 PM to 4:30 AM. That night, he left home at 9:00 and returned at 3:00 in the morning, exploring the deserted streets and peering into lonely storefronts in silence. 

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Joseph Jackson Spent Time Under his Microscope While in Lockdown

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“I immensely enjoyed getting lost in these little worlds, at a time where we were all very isolated”, says Joseph Jackson. “…hopefully it will make people look at the everyday objects around them in a new way, seeing the hidden beauty in mundane objects”, he mentions about his project Odyssey. Beginning in March 2020, the UK had imposed several weeks of lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Just prior to its start, Joseph grabbed some boxes of equipment from his studio in London to spend his time at home creatively.

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After Lockdown: I’d Love to Shoot Street Photography in These 6 Countries

I can’t wait to travel and shoot street photography again.

Let’s be blunt; lockdown sucks. Not having the freedom to travel sucks too. (Yes, I know, first world problems and all, but it still sucks!) Hopefully, this will be a thing of the past sometime soon. We can then dust off our cameras, grab our passports, and explore new lands. But where will we go? Allowing fantasy to take over, let’s explore the best cities and countries to shoot street photography in once lockdown is over.

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Chris Hoare Documented How Bristol Stayed Sane in the Pandemic

All images by Chris Hoare. Used with permission

“I hope my pictures in some way seduce people into these spaces”, says Chris Hoare about his latest project. Growing Spaces was conceptualized as an idea before the Covid-19 pandemic but had to be completely done under the UK lockdown restrictions. This unexpected turn of events coincided with an upsurge in public requirements for open gardening allotments, which greatly aided this photo documentary.

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No Street Photography for Four Months. My Mental Health Is Struggling

Street photography was my crux for happiness, now it has been completely taken away.

Earlier this year I wrote an article that covered my journey through depression. Street photography played a major (possibly the most significant) role in helping me come out of the darkness. The article was published on March 7th, three days after I arrived in Medellin, Colombia. Two weeks later a four-day quarantine started: four months later and it still hasn’t ended. I’ve not practiced street photography once in all that time, and the impact on my mental health is starting to show.

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