Life in Focus: Charles Glatzer in the Wild

julius motal the phoblographer life in focus charles glatzer image 01Before he took his lens into the wild, Charles Glatzer got his start in wedding and portrait photography out in Long Island. His true passion was outdoors, and it is there that he carved out his place in the photographic world. Glatzer has traveled the world with his kit, and has produced a beautiful body of work that many won’t have the opportunity to create. With a steady hand and a keen eye, Glatzer has captured moments of the natural world, much like a street photographer captures moments of the urban world. Here, he shares his experiences and insight.

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Life in Focus: Jeff Curtes on Traversing The Globe With Action Sports


All images owned by Jeff Curtes. Used with permission

Jeff Curtes is no stranger to the action sports world, having lead the pack on the snowboarding industry’s imagery since 1992. He has also been the lead photographer for Burton Snowboards since 1994. With Burton, Jeff has traveled the world and seen some of the most incredible terrain our Planet Earth has to offer. He now finds himself behind the lens capturing the fast paced world of competitive cycling, and we had a chance to catch up with Jeff and talk a little about his career.

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Life in Focus: Christian Pondella on Packing Up and Starting a Photography Career

Christian Pondella and Will Gadd - Norway

All photos by Christian Pondella. Used with permission

Christian Pondella has been an adventure photographer for years. He is based in Mammoth Lakes, CA, and besides adventure photography he also shoots loads and loads of skiing. Because he was an avid athlete growing up, he embraced his artistic side and his active side to create the photographer that he is today. Right now, he is the head photographer for Red Bull USA, a member of the SanDisk Extreme Team, and a senior photographer for Powder magazine.

And recently, he partnered up with F-Stop Gear to bring you guys an awesome video about his work. But we were sure to ask him some questions of our own as well. And if you want more, check out the rest of the Life in Focus series.

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Life in Focus: Scott Serfas on Capturing The Essence of Snowboarding


Scott Serfas is a man that chases adventure on a daily basis in the form of documenting the world of action sports. His main focus involves the realm of snowboarding (a natural fit given his Vancouver, BC roots), but his lens has captured pretty much every boardsport out there. Since the late 1990’s Serfas has worked as Transworld SNOWboarding’s senior photographer; a job he still holds to this day. As one of F-Stop Gear’s Pro Team members, Scott puts their bags through the ringer on just about every shoot and is the feature for the third episode of the Life in Focus series. We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Scott about his travels and inspirations as a photographer, head on past the break for our interview and a peek at F-Stop’s latest video.

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Life in Focus: Brian Matiash on Urban Exploring & HDR


Brian Matiash is known for meshing two of his passions together; Urban Architecture and HDR Photography. Additionally, he is the community manager for Google+’s Photos. As he is also one of F-Stop Gear’s Pro Team members, they have chosen to feature him for the second episode of their “Life in Focus” mini-series. We had a chance to chat with Brian while he had some downtime at the recent Google I/O conference. Head on past the break for our Q+A session with Brian Matiash and also be sure to check out our interview with Tim Kemple.

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Life in Focus: Tim Kemple on Shooting in the Wildest Locations

The Phoblographer Tim Kemple Life in Focus F-Stop Gear images (5 of 5)ISO 2001-800 sec at f - 4.5

Tim Kemple is an adventure photographer who recently partnered with F-Stop gear to create a series called, “Life in Focus.” He has shot campaigns for North Face, Black Diamond, and loads of others. Tim’s work has also been featured many times by Phase One as he takes his gear out to capture vast landscapes and death-defying scenes.

In between hikes, we had some time to chat with Tim about his work and the spirit of adventure.

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