Essentials: The Leica 75mm F1.25 Pairs Well with Kodak Ektachrome 100

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re currently lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts.

No matter how many photographers say that you should stop fixating on perfect bokeh, I’m not sure how many photographers can truly gawk at what the Leica 75mm f1.25 Noctilux is capable of. “But the price!” is what the IRL version of the Simpson’s Comic Book guy will say behind the protection of his PC screen and the broadband internet that he uses from his mom’s basement. Yes, the Leica 75mm f1.25 Noctilux is expensive. But the Leica 75mm f1.25 Noctilux isn’t a purchase you make because it’s logical or because you’ll get the greatest images out of it. Quite honestly, you buy it because you want it. And to hit home even harder, I’m positive most of you are into photography because you want to be. It’s a hobby that has practicality, unlike watches and whiskey. And if you pair the Leica 75mm f1.25 Noctilux with a fine film like Kodak Ektachrome, the resulting images are bound to remind you why you adore this hobby so much.

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