The Impact of Social Media in Photography (And Popularity)

This is a syndicated blog post from Street Silhouettes. This blog post and images are being syndicated from Horatio Tan with exclusive permissions.

Often times, I’ve been asked why Anna doesn’t pose… or rather, why she doesn’t pose like a model on this blog. In a manner of speaking, Anna isn’t functioning in the capacity of a model, which is why she’s not posing like one. Frankly, it wouldn’t make sense for her to do something like that. When someone poses – like a model – what they’re really doing is optimizing the presentation of a given photo opportunity. But in doing that, something happens to the image capture, which makes it look manufactured.

Early on, I knew I didn’t want to present that look for this blog. From my perspective, staging photo opportunities with deliberate poses have become all too common in our curated world of “insta-perfection”. But that is understandable, given how social media has changed the way we approach photography. It’s no longer enough that we take good photos. Now, we also want it to be liked. The more our photos are liked on social media, the more affirmation we get that our photos are good – that being the conventional wisdom.

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