Jovana Rikalo’s Fairy-Tale World Resonates with New Audiences

All images by Jovana Rikalo. Used with permission.

“I live for magic and dreams. I find inspiration everywhere, but mostly in life and people,” says fine art and portrait photographer Jovana Rikalo about her fun and whimsical fairy-tale photography. Passionate about dreams, life, and folklore, Jovana says photography keeps her both alive and happy. Her fun approach and clever setups are designed to transport audiences “away from worries and routines of a daily life.” Jovana says, “I think that every photo must have a story in order to be complete. There is no story without emotion.”

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Photo Series Depicts the Myths and Legends of Norway

All images by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen. Used with permission.

“The creative descriptions were inspired by my own interpretations of these mythical beings and the folklore about them.” states Bjørg-Elise about her project on Norway’s mythological beasts and legends. “I also wanted to reinterpret them, give them a more updated and current look. Growing up in Norway one hears myths and stories about them, and for a child they seem both scary and fascinating.”

Bjørg-Elise has had her Enchanted Land project featured on the site before, and her latest project on Norway is a sort of natural evolution. Instead of simply capturing scenes though, she did quite a bit of editing. Using herself, her son and others as the models she then composited the subjects into landscapes. “The exception is ‘Skrømt’, which actually is my 10 years old son in the woodshed at our holiday home.” she states.

Bjørg-Elise reasons that the feeling from the Enchanted Land is in here because it’s a token expression of her style. She enjoys gloomy scenes. “…I feel that this reflect the landscape in Northern Norway. Also, it underlines the magical, spooky and scary aspects of the mythical creatures.”


She’s still working on the project, but her finished images can be seen after the jump.

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