Near Perfect Results in a Quality Filter: Lee Elements VND 2-5 Review

What’s easier to do: carry around a handful of ND filters of different strengths, or carry a 4-in-1 solution that offers the same quality in a smaller, more convenient package? If you’re worried that the latter might result in awful X-patterns or heavy vignetting, then Lee Filters has the solution for you. They’ve just launched their Elements series of Variable ND filters that come in 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm screw-in sizes with 2 to 5 stops of neutral density. Billed at both photographers and videographers who seek the absolute best in optical performance, the Elements VND series are coated with multi-function, scratch-resistant nanocoatings. Lee Filters always come with a hefty price tag, and the Lee Elements VND 2-5 is no different.

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This Is What Quality VNDs Look Like: Lee Elements VND 6-9 Review

Neutral density filters open up possibilities for shooting slow shutter speeds in the middle of the day or wide-open apertures with flash and bright sunlight. Yet, many of them leave color casts and vignetting in their wake — or at least, that’s the case with the cheap choices. Priced at $340, the Lee Elements VND 6-9 stop filter certainly doesn’t fit the word cheap. Offering enough light dampening to shoot long-exposures mid-day, the filter provides the versatility of a variable neutral density filter, yet aims to offer the quality of a square filter.

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How Rachael Talibart Makes Photographic Paintings of Seashells

All images by Rachael Talibart. Used with permission. For more stories like this, subscribe to The Phoblographer.

“Some common shells can be found on my closest beaches all year round, like mussels and slipper limpets,” the UK-based photographer Rachael Talibart tells me. “Others show up seasonally, after big storms, or when you least expect them.” For years, she’s been discovering shells on the sandy beaches along the Sussex coast and beyond. Her ongoing project, Ghost in the Shell, is her tribute to the wild and unpredictable tide and countless tiny creatures who have lived and died according to its whims.

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