Drool Over These Gorgeous Holster Cases for Leica M and CL Cameras

Thinking you could use a new case for your beloved Leica M or CL camera? You might want to consider these beautiful, leather holster cases.

If you’re into simple yet elegant camera cases, you’ll surely fall in love with the gorgeous Angelo Pelle leather holster cases by Angelo Smaldore. If you happen to be looking for one for your Leica M or CL camera, spoiling yourself with these gorgeous holster cases would be a good idea.

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Review: Olympus Pen Premium Case

Leather and curves are sexy—as is that whole retro style look trend currently happening. With this said, the Olympus Pen Premium Camera Case is one that many small camera owners may want to consider adding not only to their camera bag collection, but to their wardrobe. It often holds my Olympus EP-2 when going on photowalks, out to parties, to work if I’m not in need of something larger, and when I just need something smaller and more attractive.

To be quite honest, it’s become a piece of man jewelry and will be for many Micro Four Thirds camera owners.

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