Laurent Ponce: Gaining Confidence When Photographing Strangers

photographie Laurent Ponce (14)

All images by Laurent Ponce. Used with permission.

“At the beginning, I did not have confidence in myself.” says photographer Laurent Ponce about his humble beginnings as a photographer travelling to other nations and capturing portraits of people. “For example when I started to do portraits of strangers in Tokyo, in 2008, I spent a lot of time in the streets and missed a lot of opportunities because I was too shy to approach people.”

Laurent is a 27 year old photographer who describes himself as an amateur. He hails from Paris and makes attempts at travelling when possible. He’s half Taiwanese, and has always been interested and attracted to eastern culture and way of life. “When I discovered photography a few years ago, it quickly became for me a way to discover more about the countries I’ve been visiting, to bond with people, and share their beauties.”

And he’s done an incredible job so far.


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