These Trends Show Instagram Does Not Care About Photography

As we enter the new decade, Instagram marketing trends are already in full force.

It’s a new year, and with that comes a new focus on how to approach Instagram. Brands and those lovely influencers will take to the app to push the latest trends that will help them ace their IG game. In an article posted on Later, the author shared seven key points that those who live for Instagram should focus on in order to succeed. None of them are groundbreaking, and all of them are, well, rather soul-destroying.

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Posting To Instagram from Your Computer! A Look at Your Current Options

Instagram is THE social network photographers should be utilizing

Instagram – if you are not using it often to share your photography with the world then you are missing out. But if we had to guess one reason why you are unable or unwilling to make the commitment, we would say it is possibly because you don’t like the hassle of getting the images you want to share onto your phone in order to post them to Instagram.

This has long been the struggle for professionals looking to get quality images onto Instagram, but it is 2018, and there are actually ways now to post to Instagram from your computer. In this post we will be looking at a couple of ways that you can do this; hopefully saving you time and frustration with whatever your current Instagram workflow is. Continue reading…

Using Later To Make Your Social Media Madness More Manageable

Professional photographers: Try Later to fix your social media woes.

As photographers we are constantly wearing multiple hats: everything from an accountant to the salesman, to customer service, to photographer, to marketer. A big piece of that these days is social media, and how we promote ourselves on these platforms can often be the gateway to greater successes in our careers. However, being as we are so often wearing multiple hats, it can be hard to remember to post on your various accounts often enough for them to do any good for you. This is why a social media planner like Later is so helpful. Continue reading…