Photos from Kurt Cobain’s Last Photo Shoot

Last Kurt Cobain's Photo Shoot by Jesse Frohman (5)

All images by Jesse Frohman. Used with permission

Very recently, Rolling Stone did an interview with Jesse Frohman–the last photographer that had a formal shoot with Nirvana’s famed frontman Kurt Cobain. The account of the event, which is featured on Shooting Film, give us an inside look at how both a photographer works in a situation gone wrong and how Kurt Cobain acted. According to the story, Drummer Dave Grohl (who would later front the Foo Fighters) and Bassist Krist Novocelic both showed up on time and ready to work. But Kurt showed up hours late and the first thing that he asked for was a bucket to puke in.

Jesse was angry throughout the shoot, but states that Kurt was extremely nice and that he had to turn Kurt into a human mold. Kurt never liked to look glamorous either–and as many know he was a heavy drug user.

We got permission from Frohman to share the images. And they’re after the jump.

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