A Laser Artist Gave My Cameras a Refreshing Look

As photographers, we are immersed in a world of creativity,  expression, and individuality. Our craft is one that we pursue to create something that evokes emotion and thought, insight, and so much more. And as we continue on our journey as artists, because that is what I believe we are, we find that outside of the actual art itself, there is little in the way of individuality and expression when it comes to our equipment. Sure, some of the more adventurous among us may venture into the world of film if we only shoot digital, and some of us may start adapting vintage glass to use on our digital cameras. However, at the end of the day, we are still left with equipment that looks like every other photographer’s gear. But what if you get bored of the same black box with the same familiar lens attached?

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This Long Exposure Involves Stars, Lasers and Flash Lighting


All images by Gabriel Torney. Used with permission.

Lasers, strobe lighting, and a beautiful starry background–what could be better? Gabe Torney shared this image on Reddit and it quickly hit the site’s front page.

“I have been really impressed with astrophotography and recently had a family vacation in Lake Tahoe where the stars are abundant. A family friend who was staying with us had brought his awesome laser and I figured it could play a big part in some photos.” says Gabe about how the image came together. “One of the nights, we drove away from the lake until we found a clearing deep in the wilderness. We hopped out of the car and looked up to see the sky glittering above.”

Gabe’s brother was the subject in the photo and used a Wicked Laser Arctic 3–which otherwise can be dangerous. Luckily, no aircraft were around and it was a clear sky.

Gabe used a Canon 5D Mk II with a 28mm f1.8 on a tripod with a shutter remote. To ensure that his brother (the subject) wasn’t completely whited out, his niece held a flashlight just off center. Gabe continues to tell us that after he posted it online that the community gave him other tips on how to better capture his subject in a crisper way.

It’s a fun idea and plays with lighting, long exposure technique, composition and backgrounds quite well.

Shooting Wicked Lasers into a Campfire Produces the Trippiest Results Ever


We’ve seen some pretty cool videos before involving lasers, and we all know that you should never point one at a camera sensor. But this recently found video on YouTube is just too unbelievable. Wicked Lasers came out a couple of years ago and are much more highly powered lasers than your normal run of the mill laser pointer. Apparently, when certain lenses are attached and the laser is shot into a campfire, it creates something like a starfield. And the results are really, really cool.

Just be careful if you’re ever recording something like this.

Check out the video after the jump.

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