Vincent LaForet Tests the New MoVI 10 Handheld Video Stabilizer–Looks Very Impressive


Vincent LaForet is always a super busy dude. And recently he stated on Twitter that he’s been testing a game changing device that he swore wasn’t a camera. Indeed, it is the new Freefly MoVI 10 handheld stabilization system. It is a three axis gimbal system that stabilizes your DSLR or camcorder as you move handheld. Laforet shot this all with a Canon 1D C and a 24mm T1.5 cinema prime–neither of which are light devices.

Now even though LaForet did an excellent job with this, we have to warn you–using a stabilizer is still quite difficult. The balance needs to be calibrated just perfectly right and when you think you’ve got it totally perfect, you don’t. Additionally, you need to practice your movements. When I used to work at more video related marketing events, I was taught that many of the best stabilizer rig users are actually women. The reason: women have a better center of gravity usually because of their hips and therefore can be significantly more stable when walking vs men.

Take a look at the videos below and you’ll see just how amazing this system really seems to be.

Via Planet 5D and LaForet Visuals

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