Fujifilm’s Latest Special Edition of Instax Wide Film Has a Floral Lace Design Border

Instax Wide Spring Pack 7

In a super quiet announcement, Fujifilm has released a special edition of their Instax Wide instant film for the wedding crowd. Indeed, loads of folks have these cameras at weddings–so it’s the perfect target audience. What’s so special about this film though is the floral lace border just for wedding folks.

Instax Wide cameras, just like all other Instax cams, are fully automatic. This film is rated at ISO 800 and is meant to only be used in the wide cameras. Instax film, unlike the more professional stuff, doesn’t require a long waiting time or peeling apart to get the image. Instead, you’ll just shake it like a Polaroid picture (we had to say it.) Except this is Fuji, not Polaroid.

It’s available for $20.95 at Adorama in a twin pack.