Sekonic’s New Light Meters Are Sexier Than That Piece of Crap iPhone 5 Announced Yesterday

Sekonic today announced two beautiful new light meters: the Litemaster Pro L-478D and the L-478DR. Now, people don’t usually get excited over light meters, but these are very Apple-esque in design and look. They include a touchscreen interface and allow you to control all the variables that standard light meters let you (aperture, ISO, shutter speed). Additionally, there are a bunch of different ways to meter: ambient, corded, not corded, multiple flash, etc. The two flashes are nearly identical with the exception of the L-478DR being able to wirelessly set off flashes, providing they are connected to your PocketWizard units.

Plus, they can be used for cinema metering (T-Stops) and reflected light.

The Litemaster Pro L-478D is selling for $389.00 while the L-478DR goes for $469.00. Both are available for purchase at B&H Photo right now.