5 Great Photographers Shooting Strobist Style to Inspire You

Strobist lighting refers to using off-camera flash and isn’t usually known for using LEDs.

Ask any photographer that has worked in the past 10 years, and they’ll tell you about their strobist experiences. It all stemmed from David Hobby’s popular website. Then it became a huge deal on Flickr. Then on Instagram and YouTube. Some folks will tell you that you can do it all with LEDs and Photoshop. But honestly, that’s not true. A flash acts with a camera’s shutter speed and the laws of physics to actually shoot photos differently. They give you an extra pop that you really just can’t get with LED lights. And why would you bother spending extra time in Lightroom or Photoshop if you got it perfectly in-camera? We talked to a bunch of strobist photographers over the years. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

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Kyle Kong: Strobist Portraits Influenced From Movies and Video Games

All images by Kyle Kong. Used with permission.

Photographer Kyle Kong is an editorial style photographer based in Vancouver Canada. “I’m specialized in shooting portraits on location with strobes.” he says about his work. “I like fine tuning my lights to make them blend in with the ambient so my subject get lighted naturally and beautifully. I used various light modifiers, shooting with multiple light sources and always trying to capture different mood and expression of my model.”

Considering how many of the most creative photographers featured on this site have drawn inspiration, it should come to no surprise that Kyle drew his love from video games and movies. But on top of scene building, he also believes heavily in the power of creating your own light.

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