Lomography Announces the Konstruktor DIY SLR Camera


Lomography has been teasing a brand new camera for about a week or so, and today they’re unveiling something that I absolutely never thought that I’d see. The new Konstructor camera is a DIY SLR that many of the hipsters will probably purchase, look at the manual, and say, “Screw this!” But the avid photographers and hackers will probably have loads of fun with this. Indeed, the Konstructor is a camera that you’re supposed to put together by yourself. It shoots 35mm film and they’re claiming that it takes around one or two hours to put it together. Interestingly enough, the camera has the traditional look-down viewfinders instead of incorporating a mirror and pentaprism. And because of that, we’re not quite sure if this is an actual SLR–but more of an SLR style camera.

Like almost all Lomo lenses, they’re giving the user a slow 50mm f10 lens that can focus down to about 0.5 meters away, when many would have probably loved a faster f2.8 or f3.5 lens such as what they have in their glass optic LCA cameras. It also comes with a bulb function and the shutter speed is locked into a 1/80th setting otherwise.

Specs and more images are after the jump. The Konstructor is available for purchase now for $35.

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