Kodak Kodachrome Returns In Both 35mm and 120 Emulsions

Kodak Kodachrome was one of the most legendary film emulsions ever made!

Rejoice, photographers: those of us who never got to shoot Kodak Kodachrome seem to be getting a chance after all. Almost 10 years after the company announced the death of the beloved film emulsion, Kodak is letting the world know that Kodachrome is indeed going to be returning to shelves very soon after Ektachrome hits stores (they’re not clear on that timeline either). Specifically, Kodak Kodachrome is coming back in ISO 64, 100 and 200 speed film emulsions. When we asked for word about it returning in large format, Kodak’s reps told us they’ll consider it if the sales of the current emulsions do well.

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