Unquarantinable Love is An Ode to Love in the Toughest Conditions


All images by Klive Lai. Used with permission.

Many photographers try to find a way to express love and connections through their images: and Klive Lai is no exception. But his interpretation is much more extreme and in many ways beautiful. That’s the idea behind UnQuarantinable Love–a photo project inspired by thriller disaster films that looks much like Chernobyl.

Photographer Klive Lai comes from Taiwan, which he describes as a beautiful and lovely island country on the Pacific Ocean. Klive is the type of photographer whose creativity has evolved and formed from other things before he started shooting. “I was a guitarist in an underground band. Naturally, things related to arts are my fondest interest.” he tells us. “That might be one of the greatest thing that influences me as a photographer.”

Klive is currently smitten with Lomography and analog cameras since he feels that it makes him bolder in his shooting. “I really enjoy experimenting with different combinations of lens and films and give birth to endless possibilities of photography creations. I love to record the daily happenings with my analog camera, and find great pleasure from the romantic atmosphere of shooting with films.”

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