6 Examples of the Creative Possibilities with Instant Film (NSFW)

Instant film is the perfect combination of attitudes new and old. It has the classic film vibe while offering the instant gratification today’s society demands. Instant film cameras are awesome ice breakers too. They’re cool for parties, and everyone wants to hang with the person who owns one. However, one shouldn’t confuse them as being merely a gimmick. Photographers have been known to make remarkable work with instants. Don’t believe us? Take a look.

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The Female Gaze: Polaroid Nudes by Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde (NSFW)

All Polaroid photos by Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde. Used with permission.

Not so long ago, we got in touch with Brussels-based freelance photographer Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde to share with us her insights on Polaroid as a popular medium today for fine art nude photography. Since discovering Polaroid accidentally three years ago, she found it the perfect medium for nude photography, especially for the authenticity that it imparts into her work. Her artsy Polaroid nudes are indeed a testament to the dreamy aesthetic that the medium has become well-known and loved for; but above all, she sees each photo as a one-of-a-kind piece of art. We’re sharing the full interview below, in case any of you have been interested in what she has to say about Polaroid nudes, the response to her work, and the role of social media in her decision towards this very specific genre. And of course, more of her dreamy nude snaps!

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