The Kingston DC1000M NVMe Will Handle Large RAWs, 4K Video Easily

DC1000M_ktc-hero-ssd-dc1000m-sm_08_01_2020 17_20

Photo and video file sizes are getting bigger by the day, and if you don’t have fast drives like the Kingston DC1000M NVMe, your workflow will suffer.

Modern Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are fantastic; there are no two ways about it. One thing that isn’t so great, though, is the ever-increasing file sizes that these new cameras push out. These days you need pretty beefy computers with tons of RAM, additional GPU’s and fast storage if you want to have any sort of efficient workflow. Kingston is aiming to at least offer some hope in the storage area with their new Kingston DC1000M NVMe, which provides read and write speeds up to 3,100MBs/2,800MBs. Find out more after the break.

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