Kim Kardashian Gives Tips on Taking a Better Selfie

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

Who better to tell you how to take a better selfie than the woman who makes everyone’s hearts skip a beat? At least that’s the idea behind T-Mobile’s new video where Kim Kardashian West teamed up with the network to give a tutorial on how to take a better selfie.

The gist of Kim’s tips have to do with getting the right pose for you and having what she calls “amazing lighting.” Specifically, she states that you should blow out the details and only really highlight the good stuff in the image. It’s not much of a tip to be honest, and nowhere as exciting of a video as the SoloSelfie was.

So what makes this video so special? The fact that Kim states that she takes around 300 photos before she gets the perfect selfie. In effect, that really means that she is really discerning but it also sets the selfie standard game up really high. Considering her likes on Instagram, it makes sense. What she doesn’t talk about though is just how guys can take better selfies.

What we’re really amazed at is that she doesn’t use the selfie stick or the belfie stick, considering her credentials.

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