Kim Høltermand’s Grå is a Story of Moody and Minimalist Urban Geometry


All images by Kim Høltermand. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

As of late, we’ve showcased a lot of works that depicts how architectural photography becomes powerful when we go beyond photographing buildings. Today, we look at a recent work by Danish fine art photographer Kim Høltermand, who once again proves his keen eye for detail and prowess in urban geometry in a set simply entitled Grå.

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Kim Høltermand: Shapes in Architecture

All images by Kim Høltermand. Used with permission. In a pervious version of this article, we referred to Kim as a woman. Kim is actually a man, and we apologize for this mistake.

“They get me and my camera and my vision.” says photographer Kim Høltermand. “I think that is a thousand times stronger than some 20 year old hip surferdude with a 450 Megapixel large format camera thingy.” Indeed, his experience speaks for itself.

He started out with taking photos and posting them on Behance in 2007, then skyrocketed to fame getting featured in endless blogs, books and magazines around the world and getting to work with clients such as Apple, Behance, HTC, Bosideng, Erik MAgnussen Design, Aether Apparel just to name a few.

Interestingly enough, he gets a lot of inspiration from music.

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