Papercraft Leica M3 is Pretty Awesome


Photos by Kevin Lck. Used with permission

Papercraft projects are always very fascinating, so when Leica Rumors showed this beautiful Leica M3 made by Kevin Lck, we were struck with awe. The creation is part of a project he is doing demonstrating the unhealthy relationship between people and technology. And to emphasize this, Kevin has made their interiors resemble human dwellings.

Kevin states, “…In this specific case, how was the invention of photography threatened realistic painters back in time that altered the way we paint nowadays. Also, technology was once means the process of making, which often found missing in modern technology, so I seek to tell the story of technology in a less technological way, by crafting with just basic tools and cardboard, that I hope can recall the beauty of craftsmanship and process of making.”

More photos are after the jump.

Via Leica Rumors

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