Kenneth Libbrecht: Photographing Lab-Made Snowflakes


All images by Kenneth Libbrecht. Used with permission.

Here in America, Global Warming is becoming more and more apparent because it’s freakin’ November and I barely need a light jacket here in New York we’re prepping for the cold, and that means snow. In turn, that means lots of photographers trying to photograph snowflakes. So who better to help you than a man that grows them in a lab?

Kenneth G. Libbrecht is one of the authors of a book called The Snowflake: Winter’s Frozen Artistry, which is being released in collaboration with Rachel Wing. Kenneth is a Professor of Physics, and has an interest in the molecular dynamics of crystal growth. That lead him to become interesting in deposition–the process of a gas becoming a solid. In his lab, he studies how ice crystals grow from water vapor.

But he also got really into capturing the process as it happens.

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