4 Beautiful Pinhole Photography Projects to Stare at for a While

These pinhole photographers have foresight and thought to think ahead.

Pinhole photography is incredibly fun once you get the hang of it. It starts by throwing away the idea of absolute sharpness. Instead, you’re capturing a longer passage of time in a single photo. They say you can’t capture motion in a still photo, but they’re very wrong. We’ve interviewed tons of pinhole photographers over the years. And we’re rounding up just four of our favorites in this special post.

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Kenneth Leishman: Compelling Color Pinhole Photography

1500px 72 dpi blur - Copy

All images by Kenneth Leishman. Used with permission.

Pinhole images I’ve always thought were absolutely stunning, beautiful and the absolute best works of art when it came to landscape photography. But in my years as an editor, I’ve never seen a good one done in color–until last week.

Photographer Kenneth Leishman is who “along the way of experimenting with jobs I did not care for, and things I did not need, a camera fell into my lap.” he tells us. It took a while for Ken to find his groove, but when he did he realized that he loved the analogue process and that the slow ways of working with pinholes is what really jived with him.

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