Leica Talks to 10 Photographers About How They Use the M Camera

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Leica M Typ 240 Review Front Slanted View

For their 60th anniversary celebration, Leica UK has released 10 different video interviews talking with famous photographers about how they’ve used the Leica M camera. Some of the photographers have used them for many years while others only just a couple, but they all talk about documenting daily occurrences in life with the camera. What they’re all doing is shooting candids and doing street photography.

The Leica M series of cameras have a long and venerable history in photography with many of them being in the hands of photojournalists, documentary photographers, wedding photographers and street photographers. They’re designed to capture everyday life. But eventually the SLR would overtake them due to their through the lens view and wider selection of lenses–particularly zooms.

More than any other camera, the Leica M has mostly retained the same timeless shape and look–and they’re easily discernable anywhere you go.

Leica’s interviews with 10 photographers are after the jump.

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