Free Book! Keep The Focus: Meditation Techniques for Street Photographers

German Street Photographer Thomas Ludwig has been working on a special book for Street Photographers. Lots of photogs state that when they go out and photograph, that it’s almost like a meditative process. So after speaking with a lot of some of the best in the business, he developed Keep the Focus: Meditation Techniques for Street Photographers.

The eBook is a free download, and features the insights of folks like Mike Boening, Valerie Jardin, Eric Kim, Marco Larousse, Thomas Leuthard, Rinzi Roco Ruiz, Spyros Papaspyropoulos and Forrest Walker. It focuses specifically on three meditation techniques. “The more you familiarize yourself with these techniques, the more you will find yourself able to better concentrate and focus when taking pictures.” says Thomas. “This will have a visible impact on the quality of your photos! It may even stimulate your creativity and create new potential and possibilities.”