3 Female Boudoir Photographers Share Their Secrets to Better Photos

“I once showed a woman the back of the camera, and we had to call makeup back into the shooting room because she was crying so hard just looking at the back of the camera,” said Marina LaBaff to us in an interview a while back. “She told me she had never liked a single photograph of herself before and had hated herself and the way she looked for years.” But Marina’s session instilled a level of confidence in her subject that changed her completely. Over the years we’ve approached boudoir photographers for interviews about their work. And we’ve tried to get the perspectives of female boudoir photographers instead of the industry’s partiality to the male gaze.

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6 Spectacular Photographers Using Profoto Lights For Beautiful Photos

Profoto is a popular lighting company with several products used by a range of professional photographers. The Profoto B10X recently received a four-star review from our Reviews Editor, Hilary Grigonis. And in 2019, the Profoto B10 received a glowing five-star review from EIC Chris Gampat. At that time, he proclaimed it was “The best light I’ve ever used.” We’ve interviewed many photographers using Profoto Lights, and in this piece, we’re going to reflect on the awesome work they create while using one of the industry’s best lighting systems.

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Photographer Kat Grudko Has a Secret for Better Boudoir Photography

All images by Kat Grudko. Used with permission.

“I think I have to go with a conductor of a small orchestra,” explains photographer Kat Grudko when describing her boudoir photography. “I feel like it is this big thing (in terms of how vulnerable the subject needs to be), but at the same time while I am shooting I am so zoned into every little detail of my subject that nothing else outside of that matters.” Kat is an ambassador for Profoto and is based in South Africa where she mostly shoots lifestyle work. On the side, she shoots boudoir. Ms. Grudko explains that she’s a sensitive person who believes most creatives need to tap into that part of themselves. It lets them create from a deeper and more genuine place. This, combined with the vulnerability on a boudoir shoot, are fascinating to us. So we asked Kat to dive deeper, discuss being an empath, and talk a little bit of the cosmos.

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