Scanning a Film Negative with an iPhone and an IKEA Lamp

5 - Step 5 Final image

All images by Kasper Vandermaesen. Used with permission.

Photographer Kasper Vandermaesen ran into an interesting problem after taking his negatives to the lab and getting them back. Unfortunately, the lab forgot to scan one of the images. And as he told Reddit, he decided to get crafty.

“I’ve been shooting digital for the last couple of years, but film photography caught my attention when I saw what great results you could get with even a cheap analog camera. It sparked my motivation to shoot more, or must I say ‘less’, since it makes me visualize the shots in my mind first.” says Kasper. “Since I’m only up to my third roll of film, I haven’t yet invested in a scanner or macro lens to digitize my shots. I don’t even develop my own film (yet).”

As a result, Kasper figured that it would be cool to play with his iPhone 5 a bit. He fully knew it wouldn’t give him the resolution to hang on a wall, but he turned out very surprised by what he got. Mr. Vandermaesen tells us that the biggest loss in quality comes from the fact that he couldn’t focus close enough. “That got me thinking that a clip-on macro lens would boost the quality.”

Editor’s Correction: Kasper tells us that he didn’t actually use a macro lens.

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