Karim Sahai: Photographing Nature’s Wildest Moments


All images by Karim Sahai. Used with permission.

Photographer Karim Sahai has been shooting for over 20 years now, and his focus is on documenting incredible moments in nature. Originally from Norway, he has travelled to the Arctic and Africa and tells us that he spends time in the high arctic archipelago of Svalbard, located at 80 degrees north, and not too far from the North Pole–yet for some odd reason he doesn’t seem to include hot chocolate in his camera bag.

Karim not only photographs the world’s wildest animals, but he also creates visual effects for feature films. In fact, he’s worked on The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit trilogies, Avatar, The Avengers franchise, and more.

Perhaps more interesting than anything else is how Karim became involved with photography.

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