Kanye West Assaulted a Paparazzi, Again. Being Charged With Robbery

Image Courtesy of Source Magazine

Image Courtesy of Source Magazine

It isn’t uncommon for some paparazzi to get beaten up by stars, but this one seems a bit far fetched. TMZ reported that on Friday afternoon, a photographer was attacked right outside of LAX. The paparazzi used a tactic that agencies have told me to use when I was a former pap–do something to get the celebrity’s attention. West ignored him until he called the photographer out on trying to annoy him. At that point, the photographer was attacked, and West left the scene before police arrived.

According to Swagger NYC, West is now being charged for felony robbery. The video of the event is after the jump.

As a former paparazzo myself, I can’t say that the paparazzo didn’t deserve it in some ways, but I can also say that the industry works in a very weird way. As I’ve stated before in a CTV Interview, agents to talent like Kanye often tell agencies for paparazzi where their clients will be. The agency heads then pass this info onto their photographers. After a while, the agents skip the agencies altogether and go right to the photographers. Now Kanye has attacked many photographers before, but we’re not sure if it was planned by the agents or not.

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