Kalliope Amorphous: Exploring Identity Through Alternative Technqiues


All images by Kalliope Amorphous. Used with permission.

“I have said that photography is a conversation between time and light as translated by a mirror. I love being part of that conversation.” says photographer Kalliope Amorphous in a very beautiful statement about the art form.

She’s a very unconventional photographer and uses alternative ways to getting her images. For example, she uses a lot of mirrors, lighting and in-camera distortion techniques to get a look that she creates in-camera instead of in Photoshop. Lots of her images are self-portraits, and she prides herself on doing this type of stuff way before the Instagram days. Lots of her work not only use reflections, but flur, multiple exposures, and other techniques. She explores identity, mortality, time, and consciousness through her work–and it’s earned her a number of awards.


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