JVC Launches a 4K F Mount Camcorder That Perhaps No One Will Want


JVC sometimes puts out some positively awesome products, but this latest one has us not only scratching our heads, but wondering what drugs the engineers were on. First off, it’s called the JY-HMQ30 and the sensor is 1.25 inches large–which is a tad larger than Nikon’s own 1 series camera sensor. The mount partially makes sense as many videographers use Canon bodies with Nikon glass. The sensor also records 4K video, and that’s a nice feature. But when you consider the Nikon F lenses, and figure that into the equation then you’ll realize that it is almost physically impossible to shoot wide.

To try to give this the benefit of the doubt, I figured that news reporters would probably be the ones going for this camcorder. But then I saw the $18,000 price tag and gasped.

Right there, they’ve put the nail in the coffin. We’re not even going to get into the nightmare regarding ports and recording media.

Hacked 5D Mk III anyone?