Jvdas Berra Showcases Birds of Prey in These Beautiful Fashion Photographs

All images by Jvdas Berra. Used with a Creative Commons License.

Everyone on Instagram thinks themselves to be the next biggest fashion photographer; but on this side of the desk it’s very clear many people out there lack vision. Jvdas Berra is a fashion photographer who creates images with a cause–and a very specific vision. His images have a Je Ne Sais Quoi to them that isn’t seen in the work of many others. Part of this has to do with his strong beliefs in conversation; which is furthered in his new project, D´SCENE: Predaceous.

Jvdas holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve featured him three times previously and, every time we see his work, our jaws drop.

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Autumn for the Elephants: Combining Fashion and Conservation

All images by Jvdas Berra. Used with permission.

Think about one of the coolest things in the world to–and how you’d feel if you got to photograph it. That’s pretty much what Jvdas Berra had the opportunity to do when he did a fashion shoot with elephants and models. This project is called Autumn for the Elephants, and tries to find a way to combine the raw power of nature with the refined beauty of fashion.

We’ve featured Jvdas on the site before, he’s a fashion photographer that combines aspects of fine art into his work and as you’ll see, also deeply cares about the environment.

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Desperate Hollywood Wife: A Reflection of American Royalty

All images by Jvdas Berra. Used with permission.

“This project was born from my desire to reflect the beauty and coldness of the current Hollywood royalty. says photographer Jvdas Berra. “I wanted to tell the story of a rich and powerful lady but lonely and desperate, surrounded by luxury and beauty, but sad and longing for adventure and love.” Jvdas often creates cool fantasy/fine art fashion work like this–and this project is a simple ode to that really interesting legend.

Jvdas states that the scenarios chosen for this story were perfect to reflect the beauty and solitude that many people in Hollywood lives. “The colors, the textures and the shapes are well joined to the styling and the art direction. It is a project that makes me very proud because it was an idea that occurred to me overnight.” Indeed, this goes to show that when you have an idea, you should just roll with it–and fast!

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The Fine Art Fashion Photography of Jvdas Berra


All images by Jvdas Berra. Used with permission.

Jvdas Berra is a Mexican photographer who studied film production but became quickly bored of it. Upon taking a leap into photography, he discovered his true calling. We discovered his work on Behance and after falling in love with his fashion photography we found out that he has shot for Vogue, ELLE, Nylon, Marie Claire, InStyle, Image Amplified, Vanidades, Photography Master Class, and NatGeo among others.

“I have no limits, not even the sky is…” says Jvdas about his potential. His fine art work is now exhibited at the prestigious Fine Art Gallery “These Fine Walls” in New York. Also his work is represented by the highly recognized gallery “Art Angels” in Los Angeles, California, alongside the work of Andy Warhol, David Lachapelle, Banksy, Michael Moebius and other world-class artists.

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