Blackmagic, JVC and Others Announce More 4K Stuff at NAB

Sony A7s sensor Everyone wants a piece of the 4K cake at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, it seems. Yesterday, we saw the amazing new Sony A7S, which is not only 4K-capable but also sports an interesting sensor that might just become the new king of low light. Then we heard of a new 4K Micro Four Thirds camera from JVC, and now even more news started trickling in. So we though it was time for a little NAB 4K roundup.

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JCV Kenwood Joins Micro Four Thirds Standard, Develops 4K Camcorder

We wonder if the new 4K Micro Four Thirds camcorder from JVC will look anyting like this.

We wonder if the new 4K Micro Four Thirds camcorder from JVC will look anyting like this.

Good news for the video world! JVC Kenwood has recently joined the Micro Four Thirds standard, and is currently developing a new 4K camcorder with a Micro Four Thirds mount at NAB 2014. However, what will set the this camcorder off from all other Micro Four Thirds cameras is its sensor, which will sport the lager Super 35mm form factor. As a reminder, Super 35mm is similar in size to APS-C, which means it is considerably larger than the Four Thirds format.

This is a very interesting development. For one, it brings some extra competition for the Panasonic GH4, which is currently the only Micro Four Thirds camera capable of 4K video recording. Also, this seems to be the first attempt to put a larger sensor into a camera with a Micro Four Thirds mount. It will be interesting to see how this works out, and whether native Micro Four Thirds lenses that were designed for the smaller sensor will work on the camera.

At this time, there are no technical specifications or pictures of the prototype camera available, except that the device will sport a a “large” LCD monitor. It also appears as though the camcorder itself will be separate from the recording device, which reminds us of the Sony A7S. It is uncertain from the machine translated press release whether the prototype device will be shown at NAB in Las Vegas. For those attending the show, shoot us an email if you run across it!

Via Four Thirds User and DC Watch

JVC Launches a 4K F Mount Camcorder That Perhaps No One Will Want


JVC sometimes puts out some positively awesome products, but this latest one has us not only scratching our heads, but wondering what drugs the engineers were on. First off, it’s called the JY-HMQ30 and the sensor is 1.25 inches large–which is a tad larger than Nikon’s own 1 series camera sensor. The mount partially makes sense as many videographers use Canon bodies with Nikon glass. The sensor also records 4K video, and that’s a nice feature. But when you consider the Nikon F lenses, and figure that into the equation then you’ll realize that it is almost physically impossible to shoot wide.

To try to give this the benefit of the doubt, I figured that news reporters would probably be the ones going for this camcorder. But then I saw the $18,000 price tag and gasped.

Right there, they’ve put the nail in the coffin. We’re not even going to get into the nightmare regarding ports and recording media.

Hacked 5D Mk III anyone?


JVC Announces New GY-HM650 Camcorder Targeted Towards Journalists

JVC has a fresh new camera out made for the shooter/run-and-gun news gatherer who needs something small, and realitvely light in weight. The GY-HM650 is a 3-chip 1/3″ 12-bit CMOS sensor camera with dual processors that lets you record two different flavors of video at the same time on seperate SDHC or SDXC cards: MPEG 2 (web friendly compression), AVCHD or SD in H.264. Plus, it records HD or SD in multiple formats, including native XDCAM EX (.MP4), Final Cut Pro friendly (.MOV), AVCHD, .MXF files as well. Other features include a 23x optical Fujinon lens (29-667mm equivalent), 3.5 inch LCD, 1.22MP color viewfinder, two XLR inputs, and HD-SDI and HDMI outputs.

But even those don’t trump the killer feature: it’s WiFi ready. Now here is the interesting thing, say you shot all of your footage and you need to get it back to the station or to your video editor in a hurry–this camera has the ability to send footage with WiFi and FTP ready access. No need for satellite or microwave access that is used in this kind of segment of the industry.

Maybe that will help videographers who are often harassed by cops.