5 Artists Show How to Make Unbelievable Images Without Photoshop

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Often, when a person looks at a photograph that seems too good to be true, it’s because it is. The reality is that the photographer may have spent hours in Photoshop trying to create something that isn’t true to life. That’s fine, but it’s nowhere near as impressive as when a photographer creates an out-of-this-world image just by using the tool in their hand: the camera. It’s possible to do, and in this piece, we show you the photographers doing it.

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Justino Lourenço Created In-Camera Magic Without Photoshop

All images by Justino Lourenço. Used with permission.

First of all – my congratulations on the quality and resilience of your website. I decided to send some of my photos: some photographic work is on 35 / 120 mm film—my first experiments on photography started with my grandfather’s impulse. I was a teen near to an old medium format Kodak in the ’80s. My grandfather was an outdoor family shooter, always using direct and natural light. Perhaps that is the reason why I still shoot daylight, always running away from flash or any artificial lighting.

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