Behind the Scenes: How TAP and DYE Make Their Camera Straps

TAP and DYE are one of the most revered modern camera strap makers. And they’re more or less made by one guy.

When you visit the workspace of TAP and DYE, you see a well manicured, clean, and well organized workspace that outputs any number of camera straps a day. In many ways, it looks like those picturesque photos of random things presented neatly. There are tools on a green desk for creating the straps, other tools on a wall, leather of various types in one corner, vintage machines that simply work on any given side, and a number of gorgeous vintage cameras that are used for product photography. The space isn’t large; in fact it’s probably around 1/3rd of the size of my two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.

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Justin Waldinger: Film Street Photography in NYC


All images by Justin Waldinger. Used with permission.

For a number of years now, Justin Waldinger has been out and about in NYC photographing candid moments on film. Usually sticking with Leica cameras, it took him years of nerve to finally get close enough to people to really make them the focus of the scene. Further, he’s always had a love of lots of the classic work that many photographers study.

Justin is the founder of the famous camera strap company TAP and DYE, and years ago he contacted me wanting to start the typical manufacturer/press relationship. I’ve always known of his affinity for the vintage aesthetic, but little did I know how his designer side leaked into his photographic side. I discovered this through his work presented in the CineStill Facebook group.

Even now, Justin’s work still ranks amongst my favorites of most local NYC street photographers.

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