Sani/Nation: The Surreal Grief and Loneliness of Quarantine

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers share how they created an image with lighting and minimal use of post-production. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching how to light. Want to be featured? Here’s how to submit.

“I’ve never before included so much practice and rehearsal time for a series’ images,” Christine Ren tells us. We’ve featured her work many times on this site, and it’s always dazzling. “Justin and I spent at least 2-3 sessions of practice shooting at different times of day and with different lighting setups before we layered in sets, props and I brought Sammy in for her and me to rehearse together. All of that incremental prep I think also really shows in the final shots.” The collaboration between Sammy, Christine, and Justin is a result of quarantine. When you’re stuck inside, you tend to become creative. And arguably, we’re in a golden age of creativity right now. At least Christine’s series, Sani/Nation, is big evidence of that.

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