Junkfood Queen is an Ode to Pop Art and High End Fashion


All images by Tomaas. Used with permission.

“I tend to incorporate found or ordinary objects into my story lines. The objects include things we often think of as trash. plastic, junkfood packaging, construction materials etc.” says Artist Tomaas about his Junkfood Queen project. His work is billed as hyperrealistic fashion and pop art on his Behance profile. To that end, he uses debris materials to form art that resembles high-fashion couture. “There is an element of kitsch and irony, but it is with a purpose: I like to challenge the way we perceive these objects and their functionality.”

Tomaas’s aim is to demonstrate that there is beauty and artistic potential in both artificial and natural objects. However, most folks don’t give any of this stuff a second thought besides maybe ensuring that you throw it all away into the correct receptacles.

“Some of my photography can be viewed as a contemporary, fashion/art-based version of Andy Warhol’s work, for by reproducing ordinary objects and integrating them with the human body in startling ways,” Tomaas says about his work.


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